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Employment loans:
Minimum requirements

* Must be employed for a minimum of 6 weeks fulltime.

* Home phone bill or 2 utility bills in your name.

* Blank cheque

* 3  pieces of I.D.  (1 photo)

* Most recent pay stub.

* Have an open & active chequing account.

* Recent 30 day bank statement

- 2 weeks to pay back and if in default lose your  next paycheck.
- lots of forms to fill out.
Pawn Loan
Minimum requirements

* 2 pieces of  signature I.D. (1 photo)
* 1 or more items of value.

- Takes less than 10 minutes.
-  Have 90 days to pay back your loan.
-  If you default on your loan, you only lose that item and may come back at anytime and get another loan.
-  No lengthy forms to fill out, only 2 pages to sign.
So don't bet your next paycheck and try Pawning today!